When Reality Kicks In

by Long Way Down

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released January 29, 2009



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Long Way Down Groningen, Netherlands


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Track Name: Another Weak
Another week, another hour, another time that I would spent my days without you.
You wouldn’t believe that life’s this sour, if it were up to me we wouldn’t spend these days in doubt

Is this all you’ve got to offer
Is this all you’ve got to say
You won’t change a thing of the way you’re living, I say just live today

Another weak design to come home clean, a change for one last time
So will you ever try, to get together, commit forever?

I can’t wait for you, so we’re through
And I never tried to change your mind

Too little too late, you sealed our fate
This time you know it’s gonna be too late
No matter how much you really try
We could’ve been together now just fine
But now we’re done, I’m shutting you out
Listen to this song and eat your heart out
It’s all over now

‘Cause this is too late
Track Name: Sucker Punch
Come on Come on don’t keep me waiting, just say the words and we’ll let it go. I got this feeling that we’re still playing and on this rate we’ll never
make it!

'cause Underneath your skin lies a shrouded place, digging it up seems to be misplaced, ‘cause every now and then our fights never seem to end and they say there’s nothing to it

You’re not what I need
But when you look at me with those eyes they’re so amazing they’ve got me fooled again

See I just don’t know when to stop, here we are fighting again at the top
And i know we will fall, but you will land on your feet

Don’t fool me now, say it to me, just say it to me out loud, I know that this is all you need
Don’t fool me now, the way your eyes are turning
Put up a smile now, think for a while now, go on and attack!

You think you've really got me now
I’m in a corner, but not knocked down
Its called a sucker punch, but have you met my uppercut? So here we go again, please let somebody take you in. What I see is not what I get, this hell-cat fills me with regret

It’s on, go in headstrong. You better do what you can, don’t hold back give me everything
Now don’t you worry, ‘cause I will defend. The way I see it, I’ve got nothing to lose and I sense you want this to end

Let me tell you, that I can not remember where this began
Give me a reminder, where did we clash for I can’t, no I can’t recall

You never say what you want, you rather do things alone, am I just only here for show?
Track Name: Wake Up
Just wake up, there’s a train coming your way
It won’t stop, so you’d better get away
There’s no escape inside for you, don’t hesitate just move

Well look at where you are and you thought you were finally free. You’re in over your head but you’re still climbing up that tree. Now why won't you listen and come back down. We can figure this out

It’s a start, so start. When your worlds falling apart, always trust your heart. It’s a start, so start. Will you ever try do your part?

With every hit you seem to drift further away, call it quits like you say. Or are you taking it back because you want to forget about the life that you spent
Now won’t you figure it is to hard to pretend

Is this a dream, cause I don’t like what I see. You think you’re chosen to set us free. Why won’t you listen and come back down, we can figure this out

You lost your touch with reality, you believe you stepped above us humans and reached divinity
Now is it just the dope, or is there something more to it. No one will know, cause you blew it.

This is our last goodbye and you don’t know why
What you did wrong, felt so right
You never did admit how you were seeing it
What’s going on in the back of your mind
This was my last endeavour, this is our goodbye